What are the different types of tourist destinations in Dubai?

Dubai City is a beautiful blend of nature with man-made efforts. The sky scrappers, huge shopping malls, fancy cafes, the Dubai Marina all contribute to make this city stand out for the visitor’s attraction from all over the world.Every year, thousands of visitors go for Dubai city tour to explore the city’s beauty and return with never fading memories. Although Dubai isn’t a very large city yet it holds many aspects to entertain visitors in its own way.

Thinking of what places to visit in Dubai?

People always find themselves engaged in preparing the itinerary for their visits while staying in dubai and yet remain confused in what places to pay a visit to.We hereby will try to help the visitors eliminate their confusion by suggesting some most worth visiting places.So let’s start;

burj khalifa tour dubai

The famous skyscraper of the world, Burj Al- Khalifa is renowned worldwide for its unique architectural design and has become a vantage point from where one can view the wide skyline. Burj Khalifa is not merely a tower but it encircles an entire city into one building.Different tourism companies offer Burj Khalifa Tour Dubai packages and guide the visitors through this huge tower. The total premises of the burj stretches out to 27 acres of the land.There are two observation decks to facilitate the visitors with a wider view sighting of the city along with a multimedia presentation on Dubai city and Burj Khalifa.




The building is comprised of 167 stories but the visitors can have the access to 148th, 124th floor and Armani Hotel only after getting tickets for each mentioned floor.The visitors are recommended to grab a ticket to reach 148th floor at around sunset where they can observe the mesmerizing wider skyline and a part of the city. However, ticket for children under 4 years of age do not require any ticket.Dubai metro is the easy access to Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Fountain

Another worth visiting point is the famous choreographed Dubai Fountain situated on the Burj Khalifa lake between the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar. The tallest fountain in the world amuses its spectators with the water swaying in a perfect harmony with lights and a wide range of music.The powerful water jets throw water up to a height that could be viewed from 30km distance to the fountain.While enjoying the dancing water fountain, visitors may stroll to the Dubai Fountain Boardwalk. The performances can be viewed from various locations but the most famous one is the Waterfront, right outside Dubai Mall.Dubai Fountain entertains the spectators daily in the evening time starting from 6 pm until 11 pm. The area gets crowded towards evening time, therefore, it is suggested that those who wish to view it from Waterfront must reach the spot earlier to ensure their place there.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is considered to be the second largest mall in terms of total land occupying area. Dubai mall is famous for Aquarium and Underwater Zoo with hundreds of aquatic animals and a walkthrough tunnel. The exquisite virtual reality park stands unique due to its extraordinary features.Dubai Mall is located in the heart of Downtown Dubai and is the main attraction for thousands of visitors throughout the world. The mall is considered to be packed with world-class facilities under one roof whether it comes to fashion, food, entertainment or clothing.In short,Dubai city is an international city which has a lot that attracts the visitors throughout the world.